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At present, an expansion/extension of production in the field of extrusion and clean-room production is nearing completion. This project is supported by the European Union out of the European Fond for Regional Development and the Federal State of Rhineland-Palatinate (EFRE-Investment in Growth & Employment 2014–2020).

A production expansion project is planned for further specialisation and development of new technically demanding & qualitative high-value products as well as fulfilment of the standards required for medical products.

  • Construction of a further clean-room for future production of medical products in accordance with GMP.
  • A new packaging machine is to be acquired for packaging the pre-made products.
  • In the future, products will be measured in even more detail per measuring machine as additional production control.
  • Acquisition of a new extrusion line is necessary for the fabrication of more technically demanding products.


In the area of production of medical products we have the highest of demands on quality, and last but not least the increasing number of standards has to be adhered to.

In order to be able to meet and fulfil these demands in the future, and at the same time increase the technological quality of products, investment in the field of production know-how is absolutely necessary.

Such investments guarantee our position within international competition. The principle of further specialisation and carefully planned expansion safeguards jobs in the region in the long-term. Investment in the future also allows us to make better use of the energy available – more efficient use of energy in production methods.

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