Medical technology

No room for compromise in the manufacture of medical plastic products!

Medical products play an important role in health care. Their almost unlimited range of applications in the field of medicine allows us to improve our quality of life and to maintain our health. 100% trust in the medical product is an absolute necessity, guaranteed through its quality and reliability.

Our many years of experience in this field can be put to good use in the development phase of your product, and thereby minimizing the risks – right from the start.

Our experience is your success.

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Some portfolio extracts for medical products, whereby SEM-Plastomed is active as distributing organisation

  • Suction tubes/systems
  • OP suction sets and suction cannula
  • Respiration and Anaesthetic tube systems
  • Infusion leads/infusion systems
  • Tubes for monitoring CO2
  • Adapters/connectors
  • Insufflation gas sets
  • Oxygen safety tubes
  • Stopcocks and sets
  • Liposuction
  • Silicon tubes

Further products and services

  • PLM Manufacturer
  • OEM-Products
  • Components
  • Contract packaging/sterilisation